The Last Detective

Author: Robert Crais

For The Last Detective Robert Crais fields something of a crime busting dream team; his regular duo, private detective Elvis Cole and enigmatic partner Joe Pike, hook up with Carol Starkey, the feisty, chain-smoking heroine of Demolition Angel in a tautly plotted kidnapping caper.Crais has always spiced his elaborate LA procedurals with the gamier elements from action thri….Read More

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Cold Hit

What if, under the PATRIOT Act, federal bureaucrats could take murder cases away from local cops—then bury those cases so they’re never investigated again? What if government agents could bug… Continue Reading Posted in: Terrorism Thrillers (Books), Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store)


A reissue of a classic mystery from the champion of English storytellers Continue Reading Posted in: Animal Fiction, Extortion, Sports Fiction, Suspense Fiction, Thrillers

Devils Code

Before Lucas Davenport and the brilliant Prey novels, there was Kidd-artist, computer whiz, and professional criminal-and his sometime partner/sometime lover, LuEllen. The Army had left Kidd with a dislike for… Continue Reading Posted in: Amateur Sleuth Mysteries (Kindle Store), Detective And Mystery Stories, Kidd (Fictitious Character : Camp), Suspense Fiction, Technothrillers (Kindle Store)

Savage Place

TV reporter Candy Sloan has eyes the color of cornflowers and legs that stretch all the way to heaven. She also has somebody threatening to rearrange her lovely face if… Continue Reading Posted in: American Writers, Fiction In English, Hard-Boiled Mystery, Private Investigator Mysteries (Books), Spenser (Fictitious Character)

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