The Machine Crusade: Legends of Dune

Author: Brian Herbert

In The Machine Crusade the story of the battle between humans and the thinking machines continues from where it began in The Butlerian Jihad. The first battle was a victory. But the war is just beginning …….Read More

7 Books Similar to The Machine Crusade: Legends of Dune

Sandworms Of Dune

As the no-ship Ithaca flees through space, the heroes of HUNTERS OF DUNE finally meet the Enemy who followed the violent fanatics, the Honored Matres, back to their universe.The thinking… Continue Reading Posted in: Robots, Science Fiction

Heretics of Dune

From Dune to Rakis to Dune, the wheel turns full circle. From burning desert to green and fertile land and on again to burning desert... the cycle is complete. The… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Fiction In English American Writers 1945 Texts, Science Fiction

Chapterhouse Dune

The desert planet Arrakis, called Dune, has been destroyed. Now the Bene Gesserit, heirs to Dune's powers, have colonized a green world and are turning it into a desert, mile… Continue Reading Posted in: Dune (Imaginary Place), Science Fiction

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