The Nano Flower

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Hamilton’s third Greg Mandel novel. A strangely beautiful flower is delivered anonymously to Julia Evans, head of the Event Horizon conglomerate. When Greg Mandel sees it he is devastated at the wave of psychic power that pours out from it. The flower may be a message from an alien intelligence…..Read More

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Redemption Ark

Late in the twenty-sixth century, the human race has advanced enough to accidentally trigger the Inhibitors - alien killing machines designed to detect intelligent life and destroy it. The only… Continue Reading Posted in: Science Fiction, Space Operas, Space Ships

A Quantum Murder

Dr Edward Kitchener, a researcher into quantum cosmology for the Event Horizon conglomerate - is found dead. Event Horizon needs to know who killed him, so Greg Mandel, psi-boosted ex-private… Continue Reading Posted in: English, English Fiction, Science Fiction

Mindstar Rising

As the cartels battle for control of a revolutionary new power source, and corporate greed outstrips national security, tension is mounting to boiling point. Greg Mandel is about to face… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Telepathy

The Steel Remains

A dark lord will rise. Such is the prophecy that dogs Ringil Eskiath—Gil, for short—a washed-up mercenary and onetime war hero whose cynicism is surpassed only by the speed of… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Stories, Science Fiction

Woken Furies

This is high action, ideas driven noir SF of the highest order. Morgan has already established himself as an SF author of global significance.Takeshi Kovacs has come home. Home to… Continue Reading Posted in: Life On Other Planets, Science Fiction

The Neutronium Alchemist

Not every fallen angel comes from heaven...The ancient menace has finally escaped from Lalonde, shattering the Confederation's peaceful existence. Those who succumbed to it have acquired godlike powers, but now… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Future Life

Chasm City

Tanner Mirabel was a security specialist who never made a mistake, until the day a woman in his care was blown away during an attack by a vengeful young postmortal… Continue Reading Posted in: Life On Other Planets, Science Fiction, Space Operas

Pushing Ice

Some centuries from now, the exploitation of the Solar System is in full swing. On the cold edge of the system, Bella Lind, captain of the Rockhopper IV, helps fuel… Continue Reading Posted in: Satellites, Saturn (Planet)

Market Forces

A coup in Cambodia. Guns to Guatemala. For the men and women of Shorn Associates, opportunity is calling. In the superheated global village of the near future, big money is… Continue Reading Posted in: Commercial Crimes, Dystopias, Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction

The Naked God

Hell just went quantum...The Confederation is starting to collapse politically and economically, allowing the possessed to infiltrate more worlds. Quinn Dexter is loose on Earth, destroying the giant arcologies one… Continue Reading Posted in: Interplanetary Voyages, Science Fiction

Fallen Dragon

Deploying invulnerable twenty-fifth-century soldiers called Skins, Zantiu-Braun's corporate starships loot entire planets. But as the Skins invade bucolic Thallspring, Z-B's strategy is about to go awry, all because of: Sgt.… Continue Reading Posted in: Commercial Crimes, Life On Other Planets, Science Fiction

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