The Nightingale Gallery (Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan)

Author: Paul Doherty

In 1376, the famed Black Prince died of a terrible rotting sickness, closely followed by his father, King Edward III. The crown of England is left in the hands of a mere boy, the future Richard II, and the great nobles gather like hungry wolves round the empty throne. A terrible power struggle threatens the country, and one of London’s powerful merchant princes is foully m….Read More

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The Anger of God

In autumn 1379, the power of the British crown is invested in John of Gaunt, and the kingdom is seething with discontent. The French are attacking the southern ports and… Continue Reading Posted in: Historical, Mystery

The House of the Red Slayer

In December 1377 a great frost has the city in its icy grip; even the Thames is frozen from bank to bank. Murder, revenge and treachery also make their presence… Continue Reading Posted in: Historical, Mystery

Speaking in Tongues

Former lawyer Tate Collier's idyllic life is shattered when Aaron Matthews appears. Matthews, formerly a brilliant evangelistic preacher, now a killer, has targeted Tate, his enigmatic teenage daughter and his… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Fiction, Horror Literature & Fiction, Lawyers, Psychologists, Suspense Fiction

Murder Most Holy (Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan)

In the early summer of 1379 in London, Sir John Cranston, Coroner of the city, is trapped into a wager with Signior Gian Galeazzo, Lord of Cremona, who challenges him… Continue Reading Posted in: Christian Historical Fiction (Books), Christian Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)

The House of Crows

In 1380, the King's parliament debates whether to grant money supplies to the Regent John of Gaunt for his war against the French. John orders Cranston to investigate the murders… Continue Reading Posted in: Historical, Mystery

The Assassin’s Riddle

It's the summer of 1380 and the corpse of Edwin Chapler, clerk of the Office of the Green Wax of the Chancery, has been pulled from the Thames: Chapler has… Continue Reading Posted in: Friars, Great Britain

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