The Protector’s War

Author: S.M. Stirling

Ten years after The Change rendered technology inoperable throughout the world, two brave leaders built two thriving communities in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. But now the armies of the totalitarian Protectorate are preparing to wage war over the priceless farmland…..Read More

4 Books Similar to The Protector’s War

In the Heart of Darkness

The Malwa Empire, using gunpowder weapons and ruthless terror, has conquered 6th century India and is forging the subcontinent's vast population into an invincible weapon of tyranny. The supermind that… Continue Reading Posted in: Alternative History, Science Fiction

The Pesthouse

The Pesthouse', written by Jim Crace is an evocative novel about the transformative power of love. Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Literary Fiction, Botswanan Travel Guides, Ecological Disturbances, Fiction, Shipwreck Survival

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