The Queen of Spades and Other Stories

Literary Criticism & Theory

Author: Alexander Pushkin

The Queen of Spades and Other Stories is a collection of short fiction showcasing Alexander Pushkin’s application of Romantic sensibilities to uncompromising studies of human frailty. This Penguin Classics edition is translated with an introduction by Rosemary Edwards.’The Queen of Spades’, one of Pushkin’s most popular and chilling short stories, tells of an inveterate ca….Read More

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Ghosts and Other Plays

Of the three plays in this volume, Ghosts and A Public Enemy are social dramas of his middle period; and the former, described by one London critic as "an open… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Biography, European Dramas & Plays, Families, Scandinavian Literary Criticism

Tales of Belkin and Other Prose Writings

Alexander Pushkin was Russia's first true literary genius. Best known for his poetry, he also wrote sparkling prose that revealed his national culture with elegance and understated humour. Here, his… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Manners And Customs, Short Stories, Short Stories Anthologies, Victorian Literary Criticism

The Overcoat and Other Short Stories

Four works by great 19th-century Russian author - "The Nose," a savage satire of Russia's incompetent bureaucrats; "Old-Fashioned Farmers," a pleasant depiction of an elderly couple living in rustic seclusion;… Continue Reading Posted in: Short Stories, Translations Into English

The Devils

The Devils, or The Posessed, is the most controversial of Dostoyevsky's masterpieces. A political drama, it has been both hailed as a grim prophesy of the Russian Revolution and denounced… Continue Reading Posted in: Foreign Language Reference, Manners And Customs, Russian Fiction, Russian Literary Criticism, Stories

The Luzhin Defense

Vladimir Nabokov's early novel is the dazzling story of the coarse, strange yet oddly endearing chess-playing genius Luzhin. Discovering his prodigious gift in boyhood and rising to the rank of… Continue Reading Posted in: Literary Fiction, Russian Fiction, Translations Into English

The Portable Chekhov

Anton Chekhov remarked toward the close of his life that people would stop reading him a year after his death. But his literary stature and popularity have grown steadily with… Continue Reading Posted in: Abstract Or Summary, Bibliography, European Literature, Russian Literature, Translations From Russian


Demons, also known as The Possessed or The Devils, is a dark masterpiece that evokes a world where the lines between and good and evil long ago became blurred. This… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Lawyers & Criminals Humor, Manners And Customs, Russian Fiction, Russian Literature

First Love

When the down-at-heel Princess Zasyekin moves next door to the country estate of Vladimir Petrovich's parents, he instantly and overwhelmingly falls in love with his new neighbour's daughter, Zinaida. But… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction In Russian, First Loves, Social Conditions

A Hero of Our Time

The first example of the psychological novel in Russia, A Hero of Our Time influenced Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Chekhov, and other great nineteenth-century masters that followed. Its hero, Pechorin, is… Continue Reading Posted in: European Literature, Gothic & Romantic Literary Criticism, History, Military, Russian Language, Social Life And Customs

The House of the Dead

In this almost documentary account of his own experiences of penal servitude in Siberia, Dostoevsky describes the physical and mental suffering of the convicts, the squalor and the degradation, in… Continue Reading Posted in: 1821 1881, Autobiographical Fiction, Bibliography, Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, Russian Literature

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