The Rescue


Author: Joseph Conrad

Civil war rages between the native tribes of the Malay straits. Captain Tim Wingard sides with the Rajah Hassim. But as is the case with so much in the Far East, nothing is quite straightforward and events unfold by indirection.,,An English yacht blunders into this confusion and runs aground. When Wingard goes aboard to offer assistance, the crew gives him insolence, not gra….Read More

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Moll Flanders

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Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination

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Invitation to a Beheading

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Almayer’s Folly

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The Secret Sharer and Other Stories

Joseph Conrad (1857–1924) spent much of his life at sea, and his experiences as a mariner deeply influenced his fiction. He set many of his finest stories aboard ship, where… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, English Literature


Youth's narrator, a student in 1950s South Africa, has long been plotting an escape from his native country. Studying mathematics, reading poetry, saving money, he tries to ensure that when… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Young Men

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