The Scorpion’s Gate

Sting of the Drone: A Novel

Author: Richard A. Clarke

Fiction can often tell the truth better than nonfiction. And there is a lot of truth that needs to be told. -Richard A. Clarke From the noted counterterrorism expert and #1 bestselling author comes an astonishing fiction debut-a novel of terrorism, warring nations, and political treachery… that could happen tomorrow. For three decades, Richard A. Clarke worked in the W….Read More

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Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror

THE EXPLOSIVE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER With all-new excerpts from Richard Clarke's dramatic public testimony, and revealing corroboration from The 9/11 Commission Report From the 9/11 Commission Report: "On the day of… Continue Reading Posted in: 2001, Bestrijding, Government Policy, September 11 Terrorist Attacks

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