The Singing (Pellinor)

Author: Alison Croggon

The stunning conclusion to the epic Pellinor series—four books telling an extraordinary tale of another world., , The Singing follows the separate journeys of Maerad and Cadvan, and their brother Hem, as they desperately seek each other in an increasingly battle-torn land. The Black Army is moving north and Maerad has a mighty confrontation with the Landrost to save Innail. Al….Read More

11 Books Similar to The Singing (Pellinor)

The Gift

A heartwarming and inspirational Christmas novel in the tradition of The Christmas Box and Finding Noel from New York Times bestselling author Richard Paul Evans. Sure to be a classic,… Continue Reading Posted in: Healers, Sick Children, Single Parent Families

The Red Necklace

The winds of change are blowing through Paris in the winter of 1789, both for France and for our hero, a striking and mysterious Gypsy boy named Yann Margoza. He… Continue Reading

The Crow (Pellinor Trilogy)

The third epic fantasy adventure in the books of Pellinor.Whilst his sister, Maerad, pursues her dangerous destiny in the frozen North, Hem is sent south to Turbansk for his own… Continue Reading Posted in: Juvenile Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

The Riddle

Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past, but her powers grow stronger by the day. Now she and her mentor Cadvan, pursued by both the Light and… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, Riddles, Teen & Young Adult Dark Fantasy eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Werewolf & Shifter eBooks, Young Adult Fiction

Lord Sunday

On the seventh day, there was a choice.The House is falling apart, and when it is destroyed, all existence will be destroyed with it, Arthur Penhaligon and his friends Leaf… Continue Reading

The Traitor Queen

Discover the magic of Trudi Canavan with her brand new novel in the Traitor Spy trilogy...Events are building to a climax in Sachaka as Lorkin returns from his exile with… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, Lorkin (Fictitious Character : Canavan)

Black Spring

Continuing the subversive self-revelation begun in Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, Henry Miller takes readers along a mad, free-associating journey from the damp grime of his Brooklyn youth… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, Sex Customs, United States

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