The Terminal Experiment

Author: Robert J. Sawyer

To test his theories of immortality and life after death, Dr. Peter Hobson has created three electronic simulations of his own personality. The first has all knowledge of physical existence edited out, to simulate life after death. The second is without knowledge of aging or death, to simulate immortality. The third is unmodified, a control. Now they are free. One is a kil….Read More

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Calculating God

An alien shuttle craft lands outside the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Out pops a six-legged, two-armed alien, who says, in perfect English, "Take me to a paleontologist."It seems that… Continue Reading Posted in: Human Alien Encounters, Life On Other Planets

The Chronoliths

Scott Warden is a man haunted by the past-and soon to be haunted by the future. In early twenty-first-century Thailand, Scott is an expatriate slacker. Then, one day, he inadvertently… Continue Reading Posted in: Thailand

The Speed of Dark

In the near future, disease will be a condition of the past. Most genetic defects will be removed at birth; the remaining during infancy. Unfortunately, there will be a generation… Continue Reading Posted in: Autism, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Technothrillers


Robert J. Sawyer, the award-winning and bestselling writer, hits the peak of his powers in Humans, the second book of The Neanderthal Parallax, his trilogy about our world and parallel… Continue Reading Posted in: Neanderthals, Prehistoric Peoples


Two aliens have wandered Earth for centuries. The Changeling has survived by adapting the forms of many different organisms. The Chameleon destroys anything or anyone that threatens it.Now, a sunken… Continue Reading Posted in: Human Alien Encounters, Sea Monsters


In the Hugo-Award winning Hominids, Robert J. Sawyer introduced a character readers will never forget: Ponter Boddit, a Neanderthal physicist from a parallel Earth who was whisked from his reality… Continue Reading Posted in: Hard Science Fiction (Kindle Store), Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store), Prehistoric Peoples, Women Geneticists


Sawyer now brings us Flashforward, the story of a world-shattering discovery at the CERN research facility in Switzerland. The research team of Lloyd Simcoe and Theo Procopides is using the… Continue Reading Posted in: Hard Science Fiction, Prophecy, Science Experiments, Time Travel

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