The Tunnel


Author: William H. Gass

Thirty years in the making, William Gass’s second novel first appeared on the literary scene in 1995, at which time it was promptly hailed as an indisputable masterpiece. The story of a middle aged professor who, upon completion of his massive historical study, Guilt and Innocence in Hitler’s Germany, finds himself writing a novel about his own life instead of the introduc….Read More

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Mason & Dixon

Charles Mason (1728 -1786) and Jeremiah Dixon (1733-1779) were the British Surveyors best remembered for running the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland that we know today as the Mason-Dixon Line.… Continue Reading

The Body Artist

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The Recognitions

Wyatt Gwyon's desire to forge is not driven by larceny but from love. Exactingly faithful to the spirit and letter of the Flemish masters, he produces uncannily accurate originals -… Continue Reading Posted in: Artists, Fiction, Painters

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