The Valley of Amazement

Author: Amy Tan

New York Times bestseller The Valley of Amazement is a sweeping, evocative epic of two women’s intertwined fates and their search for identity–from the lavish parlors of Shanghai courtesans to the fog-shrouded mountains of a remote Chinese villageSpanning more than forty years and two continents, The Valley of Amazement resurrects pivotal episodes in history: from the col….Read More

14 Books Similar to The Valley of Amazement

The Bonesetter’s Daughter

Ruth Young and her widowed mother, LuLing, have always had a tumultuous relationship. Now, before she succumbs to forgetfulness, LuLing gives Ruth some of her writings, which reveal a side… Continue Reading Posted in: Chinese American Families, Social Conditions, Social Life And Customs

The Hundred Secret Senses

Stunning reissue of an international bestseller, from the author of The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter's DaughterOlivia Yee is only five years old when Kwan, her older sister from… Continue Reading Posted in: California San Francisco, Chinese American Authors, Contemporary Literature & Fiction, English Fiction

Fly Away

Once, a long time ago, I walked down a night-darkened road called Firefly Lane, all alone, on the worst night of my life, and I found a kindred spirit. That… Continue Reading Posted in: Family Life Fiction, Female Friendship, Life Change Events, Mothers & Children Fiction

The Kitchen God’s Wife

A stunning reissue of the international bestseller, from the much-loved author of The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter's Daughter. Pearl Louie Brandt has a terrible secret which she tries… Continue Reading Posted in: Chinese Fiction, Female Friendship In Literature, Mothers And Daughters

China Dolls

An exciting new novel set in the "Chop Suey Circuit" of San Francisco right before World War II, from the beloved bestselling author of Snowflower and the Secret Fan and… Continue Reading Posted in: Asian American Literature, Historical Japanese Fiction

The Book of Unknown Americans

A dazzling, heartbreaking page-turner destined for breakout status: a novel that gives voice to millions of Americans as it tells the story of the love between a Panamanian boy and… Continue Reading Posted in: Delaware, Hispanic American Literature & Fiction, Immigrants, Literary Fiction

The Miniaturist

Set in seventeenth century Amsterdam--a city ruled by glittering wealth and oppressive religion--a masterful debut steeped in atmosphere and shimmering with mystery, in the tradition of Emma Donoghue, Sarah Waters,… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary British Fiction, Historical Fantasy Fiction, Suspense Fiction, Text

The House Girl

A stunning debut novel of love, family, and justice that intertwines the stories of an escaped house slave in 1852 Virginia and ambitious young lawyer in contemporary New York Virginia,… Continue Reading Posted in: African American Historical Fiction, African American Literary Fiction, Reparations For Historical Injustices, Virginia

The Interestings

The Interestings explores the meaning of talent; the nature of envy; the roles of class, art, money, and power; and how all of it can shift and tilt precipitously over… Continue Reading Posted in: Family Life Fiction, Gifted Persons, Self Realization, Women's Friendship Fiction

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Stegner Fellow, Iowa MFA, and winner of The Atlantic's Student Writing Contest, Anthony Marra has written a brilliant debut novel that brings to life an abandoned hospital where a tough-minded… Continue Reading Posted in: Family Saga Fiction, Fiction, History, Military Historical Fiction, Russia (Federation) Chechni︠A︡

The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge

Already sold to Warner Bros. for a major motion picture, this riveting novel of the frontier evokes such classics as Jack London's "To Build a Fire" and A. B. Guthrie's… Continue Reading Posted in: Biographical, Literature & Fiction, Thrillers & Suspense

The Orchardist

Set in the untamed American West, a highly original and haunting debut novel about a makeshift family whose dramatic lives are shaped by violence, love, and an indelible connection to… Continue Reading Posted in: Families, Pregnant Teenagers, Read & Listen for Less, U.S. Historical Fiction

A Tale for the Time Being

In Tokyo, sixteen-year-old Nao has decided there’s only one escape from her aching loneliness and her classmates’ bullying, but before she ends it all, Nao plans to document the life… Continue Reading Posted in: Asian American Literature & Fiction, British Columbia Vancouver Island, Contemporary Women Fiction, Women Authors

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