Thinking From A To Z

History & Surveys of Philosophy

Author: Nigel Warburton

What is “Humpty-Dumptying”?Do “arguments from analogy” ever stand up?How do I know when someone is using “Weasel words”?What is a “Politician’s answer”?What’s the difference between a “Red Herring” and a “Straw Man”?This superb book, now in its third edition, will help anyone who wants to argue well and think critically. Using witty and topical examples, this fully-updated….Read More

5 Books Similar to Thinking From A To Z

An Engine, Not a Camera: How Financial Models Shape Markets

In An Engine, Not a Camera, Donald MacKenzie argues that the emergence of modern economic theories of finance affected financial markets in fundamental ways. These new, Nobel Prize-winning theories, based… Continue Reading Posted in: Electronic Books, Electronic Resource, Finance, Mathematics, Social Aspects of Technology

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Some people just won't take no for an answer. In "Influence," Dr. Robert Cialdini explains the six psychological principles that drive our powerful impulse to comply to the pressures of… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Communication Psychological Aspects

Getting Things Done: How To Achieve Stress-free Productivity

Is your workload overwhelming? Does work keep mounting up, while your stress levels reach fever pitch? In Getting Things Done David Allen teaches you how to keep a clear head,… Continue Reading Posted in: Blcoll, Organisation And Administration, Personnel

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

The Black Swan' is a concept that will change the way you look at the world. Black Swans underlie almost everything, from the rise of religions, to events in our… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Business Management, Chance, Developmental Biology, Forecasting

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