Three Revenge Tragedies


Author: Gamini Salgado

Following the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in the early seventeenth century, the new court of King James was beset by political instability and moral corruption. This atmosphere provided fertile ground for the dramatists of the age, whose plays explore the ways in which social decadence and the abuse of power breed resentment and lead inexorably to violence and bloody re….Read More

5 Books Similar to Three Revenge Tragedies

The Page Turner

At eighteen, Paul Porterfield dreams of playing piano at the world's great concert halls, yet so far the closest he has come has been page-turning for his idol, Richard Kennington,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Lgbt

Black Robe

His name is Father Laforgue, a young Jesuit missionary come from Europe to the New World to bring the word of God to the heathen. He is given minimal aid… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fiction, Historical

A Scarecrow’s Bible

In a house trailer in the rural South, a married, Vietnam veteran, addicted to pharmaceuticals, haunted by memories of the past is on the brink of collapse. Just when he… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, GLBT, Lgbt

Assata: An Autobiography

On May 2, 1973, Black Panther Assata Shakur (aka JoAnne Chesimard) lay in a hospital, close to death, handcuffed to her bed, while local, state, and federal police attempted to… Continue Reading Posted in: Autobiography, Biography, Nonfiction

Outerbridge Reach

In this towering story about a man pitting himself against the sea, against society, and against himself, Robert Stone again demonstrates that he is "one of the most impressive novelists… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Literature, Novels

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