To Visit the Queen

Author: Diane Duane

Traveling back in time to 1874 London to prevent an assassination plot against Queen Victoria, the feline wizards of Grand Central Station — leader Rhiow and her able partners Urrah and Arhu — must summon their powers to avert disaster in Victorian England, or else their archenemy, the evil Lone One, will warp time and trigger Armageddon. Teamed with a young Arthur Conan….Read More

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The Hero and the Crown

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The Book of Night with Moon

Rhiow seems a typical New York City cat: pampered by her Upper East Side owners, permitted in good weather to lounge on the apartment balcony, never allowed to run free.… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantastic Fiction, Fantasy Fiction

The Quillan Games

Let the Games Begin.... Quillan is a territory on the verge of destruction. The people have lost control of their own future and must struggle simply to survive. The only… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Stories, Children's Stories, Fantasy Fiction

The First Four Years (Little House, #9)

A new beginningLaura and Almanzo Wilder have finally married. They begin their new life together on their small prairie homestead - but Laura is still not convinced that she wants… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's 1800s US Historical Fiction, Children's Multigenerational Families, Families, Juvenile Fiction, Pioneers

A Wizard of Earthsea

See alternate cover editions here and hereA tale of wizards, dragons and terrifying shadows.The young wizard Sparrowhawk, tempted by pride to try spells beyond his powers, lets loose an evil… Continue Reading Posted in: American Writers, Juvenile Fiction, Robbins, Ruth, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

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