Towing Jehovah

Author: James K. Morrow

The discovery of God’s corpse in the mid-Atlantic poses a menace to navigation and to faith. Charged with captaining a supertanker as it tows the two-mile long corpse northward to the Arctic so that it can be preserved, Anthony Van Horne must contend with sabotage (both natural and spiritual) and mutiny along the way. An allegorical tale certain to entertain and provoke…..Read More

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To The Is Land

This is the first volume in Janet Frame's autobiography. In language startling for its freshness and clarity, she tells of her childhood as the daughter of an impoverished railway worker… Continue Reading Posted in: Autobiography, Biography, Nonfiction

This Is The Way The World Ends

It is 1995. Everyman is George Paxton, Unitarian and tombstone-engraver, who wants an anti-nuclear suit to protect his daughter. To get it he sells his soul and signs a piece… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Science Fiction

Pest Control

PROFESSIONAL EXTERMINATOR FIFTEEN YEARS FIELD EXPERIENCE! GONE PRIVATE WITH LETHAL NEW CONCEPT! NO PEST LEFT ALIVE! Bob Dillon just can't get a break. A down-on-his-luck exterminator, all he wants is… Continue Reading Posted in: Assassins, English Fiction, United States

The Hacker and the Ants

Revered as one of the Godfathers of the "Cyberpunk" literary movement, author Rudy Rucker is an American original - a seriously daffy sf innovator whose irrepressible imagination truly knows no… Continue Reading Posted in: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Viruses, Cyberpunk Science Fiction, Hard Science Fiction

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