Author: Jacqui Rose

As teenagers, Maggie Donaldson and Johnny Taylor fell hard and fast in love. But they didn′t know they were from rival gangland families in London′s criminal underworld. Going public with their relationship would have brought them more trouble than they could handle, so for years they concealed the truth. But their house of cards won′t be safe for much longer.,,Maggie′s viol….Read More

5 Books Similar to Trapped


The painful and comic story of a 25 year-old black woman living in London, straddling two cultures and slotting neatly into neither. Continue Reading Posted in: Relationships, Romance, Romantic Comedy


Mage apprentices have been vanishing without a trace—and someone on the council might be involved. Alex Verus has no evidence, no witnesses, and no suspects. All he knows is that… Continue Reading Posted in: Alex (Fictitious Character), Assassins, Fantasy Fiction, Verus

Sinner: The Books of History Chronicles

Some say roll with the punches. Drift with the tide. Nothing can stop the inevitability of change. There was a time when 300 Spartans disagreed with such mindless thinking and… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature (Books), Christian Mystery & Suspense, Constitution (United States), Hate Speech


In Chicago, a pregnant cafeteria worker suffering nothing more malevolent than flu like symptoms begins haemorrhaging from every part of her body. In Boston, a brilliant musician, her face disfigured… Continue Reading Posted in: Hazardous Wastes, Human Experimentation In Medicine, Suspense Fiction

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