Wild Roses

Author: Deb Caletti

You would have never recognized the Dino I lived with in the books that had been written about him before the ‘incident.’ No one had a clue. No one seemed to see what was coming.Seventeen-year-old Cassie Morgan has a secret: She’s living with a time bomb (a.k.a. her stepfather, Dino Cavalli). To the public, Dino is a world-renowned violinist and composer. To Cassie, he’s a….Read More

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The Nature of Jade

I am not my illness. 'Girl with Anxiety,' 'Trauma of the Week' - no. I hate stuff like that. Everyone, everyone has their issue. But the one thing my illness… Continue Reading Posted in: Anxiety, Coming Of Age, Families, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Being a Teen (Books), Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Depression & Mental Illness (Books)

He’s Gone

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