Wonder Woman, Volume 4: War


Author: Brian Azzarello

Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s critically acclaimed Wonder Woman reintroduces The New Gods!,,Wonder Woman’s world is shocked to its core when her eldest brother, the First Born, is freed from his slumber. Now, with her family in ruins and her friends scattered, she must turn to Orion and the New Gods of New Genesis to save herself and Zola’s newborn from the First Born’….Read More

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Justice League, Volume 4: The Grid

The event that the New 52 has been building towards since the beginning! #1 New York Times best-selling writer Geoff Johns (GREEN LANTERN, BATMAN: EARTH ONE) brings together almost two… Continue Reading Posted in: Sequential Art, Superheroes

Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948

William Marston was an unusual man—a psychologist, a soft-porn pulp novelist, more than a bit of a carny, and the (self-declared) inventor of the lie detector. He was also the… Continue Reading Posted in: History, Nonfiction, Sequential Art

Aquaman, Volume 4: Death of a King

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Nothing But The Truth: A Documentary Novel

Patriotism or practical joke? Harrison, NH -- Ninth-grade student Philip Malloy was suspended from school for singing along to 'The Star-Spangled Banner' in his homeroom, causing what his teacher, Margaret… Continue Reading Posted in: Student Suspension, Teacher Student Relationships, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Values & Virtues (Books)

Justice League, Volume 5: Forever Heroes

As the Crime Syndicate hunts down the few heroes left foolish enough to challenge them–including Batman's protege, Dick Grayson. But Owlman has other plans for Nightwing...and Owlman's teammate: the most… Continue Reading Posted in: Sequential Art, Superheroes

Wonder Woman, Volume 6: Bones

The gods have a new king. The Amazons have a new queen. But only one ruler can rule.,,The monstrous deity known only as the First Born has seized the throne… Continue Reading Posted in: Sequential Art, Superheroes

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