A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl

Author: Tanya Lee Stone

Josie, Nicolette, and Aviva all get mixed up with a senior boy–a cool, slick, sexy boy who can talk them into doing almost anything he wants. In a blur of high school hormones and personal doubt, each girl struggles with how much to give up and what ultimately to keep for herself. How do girls handle themselves? How much can a boy get away with? And in the end, who comes o….Read More

10 Books Similar to A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl

The True Meaning of Cleavage

Cool is cool and geek is geek, and at Eldridge the two "definitely" do not mix.Sari and Jess are best friends and total opposites. They've liked each other ever since… Continue Reading Posted in: Best Friends, Female Friendship, Young Adult Fiction

I Heart You, You Haunt Me

Girl meets boy.Girl loses boy. Girl gets boy back... ..sort of. Ava can't see him or touch him, unless she's dreaming. She can't hear his voice, except for the faint… Continue Reading Posted in: Love Stories, Teenagers

21 Proms

Prom. It's a near-universal high school experience. And here at least 21 of today's bestselling and up-and-coming YA authors riff on it.Authors include: Libba Bray, Jacqueline Woodson, Ned Vizzini, John… Continue Reading Posted in: American, High Schools, Short Stories

Smart Boys & Fast Girls

When she makes the varsity cross country team, Natalie finds her grades suffering from her new-found popularity and gets a very cute, yet very taken, tutor who unfortunately has no… Continue Reading Posted in: Teenagers, Young Adult Fiction


Two theater-mad, self-invented fabulous Ohio teenagers. One boy, one girl. One gay, one straight. One black, one white. And SUMMER DRAMA CAMP. It's a season of hormones, gold lame, hissy… Continue Reading Posted in: Actors, Actresses

Artichoke’s Heart

Blubber meets Steel Magnolias in this funny and honest story about body image and family. Rosemary Goode is smart and funny and loyal and the best eyebrow waxer in Spring… Continue Reading Posted in: High Schools, Self Esteem, Tennessee

What My Mother Doesn’t Know

My name is Sophie.This book is about me.It tells the heart-stoppingly riveting story of my first love.And also of my second.And, okay, my third love, too. It's not that I'm… Continue Reading Posted in: American, First Loves, Young Adult Poetry

Two Boys Kissing

New York Times bestselling author David Levithan tells the based-on-true-events story of Harry and Craig, two 17-year-olds who are about to take part in a 32-hour marathon of kissing to set… Continue Reading Posted in: Gay Teenagers, Social Change, Teen & Young Adult Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Teen & Young Adult LGBT Romance, Young Adult Fiction

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

One of the most eagerly anticipated graphic memoirs of recent years, Fun Home is a darkly funny family tale, pitch-perfectly illustrated with Alison Bechdel's sweetly gothic drawings. Like Marjane Satrapi's… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, Childhood And Youth, Comic Strip, Graphic Novel Biographies & Memoirs, LGBT Graphic Novels

This One Summer

AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER.Rose and her parents have been going to Awago Beach since she was a little girl. It's her summer getaway, her refuge. Her friend Windy is always there,… Continue Reading Posted in: Love In Adolescence, Marital Conflict, Vacations

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