A Good Man in Africa

Political Fiction

Author: William Boyd

In the small African republic of Kinjanja, British diplomat Morgan Leafy bumbles heavily through his job. His love of women, his fondness for drink, and his loathing for the country prove formidable obstacles on his road to any kind of success. But when he becomes an operative in Operation Kingpin and is charged with monitoring the front runner in Kinjanja s national elect….Read More

15 Books Similar to A Good Man in Africa

Last Orders

This novel follows four men once close to Jack Dodds, a London butcher, who meet to carry out his last wish: to have his ashes scattered into the sea. Continue Reading Posted in: Aged Men, British & Irish Literary Fiction, Literary Satire Fiction, Love Stories, Middle Aged Men

Paradise News

Agnostic theologian Bernard Walsh has a professional interest in heaven. But when he travels to Hawaii with his father, Jack, it is not in quest of a vacation paradise; it… Continue Reading Posted in: Bildungsromane, Comedic Dramas & Plays, Fiction, General, Humorous Stories, Short Stories Anthologies

Water Music

T.C. Boyle's first novel, Water Music, is a funny, bawdy, extremely entertaining novel of imaginative and stylistic fancy that announced to the world Boyle's tremendous gifts as a storyteller.Set in… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Discoveries In Geography, English Fiction, United States

The Old Devils

Age has done everything except mellow the characters in Kingsley Amis’s The Old Devils, which turns its humane and ironic gaze on a group of Welsh married couples who have… Continue Reading Posted in: Classic British & Irish Fiction, Classic Coming of Age Fiction, English Fiction, Fictional Works

Staring at the Sun

Charts the life of Jean Serjeant, from her beginnings as a naive, carefree country girl before the war through to her wry and trenchant old age in the year 2020.… Continue Reading Posted in: British & Irish Literary Fiction, English Fiction, Fiction In English 1945 Texts, Surrealist Literary Criticism

Staying On

Tusker and Lucy Smalley stayed on in India. Given the chance to return 'home' when Tusker, once a Colonel in the British Army, retired, they chose instead to remain in… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary British Fiction, Historical British & Irish Literature, History, Manners And Customs, Social Life And Customs

The Road to Wellville

A snobbish wife and her henpecked husband travel to Dr. Kellogg's spa in turn-of-the-century Battle Creek, where the youth-crazed affluent succumb to quackery. By the author of East is East.… Continue Reading Posted in: Humorous Fiction, Literary Fiction, Michigan Battle Creek, Vegetarianism

World’s End

This multi-generational novel ranges over the history of the Hudson River Valley from the late seventeenth century to the late 1960s with low humor, high seriousness, and magical, almost hallucinatory… Continue Reading Posted in: Family, Historical Fiction, Historical Literary Fiction, History, Literary Sagas

Brazzaville Beach

On Brazzaville Beach, on the edge of Africa, Hope Clearwater examines the complex circumstances that brought her there. Sifting the details for evidence of her own innocence or guilt, she… Continue Reading Posted in: 1952 Fiction In English. Texts, African Fiction (English), Boyd, Contemporary British Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, Fiction In English 1945 Texts, William


What happens to your life when everything you thought you knew about your mother turns out to be an elaborate lie? Ruth Gilmartin discovers the strange and haunting truth about… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Fictional Works, Historical Mystery, Historical Thrillers, Thriller & Suspense Fiction, Women Spies

Waiting for Sunrise

Vienna. 1913. It is a fine day in August when Lysander Rief, a young English actor, walks through the city to his first appointment with the eminent psychiatrist, Dr. Bensimon.… Continue Reading Posted in: British & Irish Literary Fiction, Fiction, History, Read & Listen for $14.99 or Less, Spies

An Ice-cream War

Primarily a gripping story of the men and women swept up by the passions of love and battle, William Boyd's magnificently entertaining novel also elicits the cruel futility and tragedy… Continue Reading Posted in: 1914 1918, Africa, British & Irish Literary Fiction, East, Historical African Fiction, Historical Fiction, World War

Any Human Heart

Every life is both ordinary and extraordinary, but Logan Mountstuart's - lived from the beginning to the end of the twentieth century - contains more than its fair share of… Continue Reading Posted in: Biographers, Biographical Historical Fiction, Historical German Fiction, Social History, Spy Stories

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