Author: David L. Lindsey

Ross Marteau is the toast of the international art world for his sensual sculptures of rich and famous women, but when a long-term relationship ends badly, he retreats to his Texas hometown — only to have his newfound peace of mind permanently, and profoundly, shattered.,One afternoon over lunch, Ross is approached by a woman to whom he feels an irresistible attraction. S….Read More

5 Books Similar to Animosity

Winter Of The Wolf Moon

Alex McKnight, reluctant private eye, is drawn back into an investigation when a young native American woman asks for his help. Soon events have spun out of control and he… Continue Reading Posted in: Hard-Boiled Mystery, Private Investigator Mysteries

The Devil’s Redhead (New Blood)

Dan and Shel will go a long way for love - except staying within the law... Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery

Nobody’s Perfect

The priceless painting is titled "Folly Leads to Man's Ruin," and the owner, rich and careless Mr. Chauncey, wants it stolen for the insurance. He hires Dortmunder, who has a… Continue Reading Posted in: Criminals, English Fiction, General Humorous Fiction, Heist Crime

Cheshire Moon

Ferrigno's first novel, The Horse Lattitudes, was hailed as 'the most memorable fiction debut of the season' by Time magazine. Now he returns with a noir thriller set in Southern… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature (Books), English Fiction, Espionage Thrillers (Books), United States

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