Author: Sharon Shinn

From the acclaimed author of The Shape-Changer’s Wife comes a stunningly beautiful novel of a distant future–where the fate of the world rests in the voice of an angel. An age of corruption has come to the planet of Samaria, threatening that peace and placing the Samaritans in grave danger. Their only hope lies in the crowning of a new Archangel…..Read More

12 Books Similar to Archangel

A College of Magics

Teenager Faris Nallaneen is the heir to the small northern dukedom of Galazon. Too young still to claim her title, her despotic Uncle Brinker has ruled in her place. Now… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Coming of Age Fantasy Books, Children's Fantasy & Magic Books, Europe, Universities And Colleges


The award-winning author returns to Samaria in this richly romantic tale that begins where Archangel left off. In that time, the women who craved the attention of angels were known… Continue Reading Posted in: Life On Other Planets, Science Fiction Short Stories, Time Travel Science Fiction, Women

Beholder’s Eye

They are the last survivors of their race beings who live on and communicate through energy, who are capable of assuming the shape of any other species. When their youngest… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Life On Other Planets, Science Fiction

Catch the Lightning

In the distant future, the Skolian empire rules one third of the human galaxy, and is the most powerful of all. For the ruling family has the power of telepathy,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Skolian Empire (Imaginary Place), Space Operas

A Thousand Words for Stranger

Sira is on the run. The mysterious Captain Morgan has a starship. But if she goes with him, who will be at risk? Meet the Clan, shadowy figures of unfathomable… Continue Reading Posted in: Canadian, First Contact Science Fiction eBooks, Science Fiction, Science Fiction Short Stories, Telepathy

Troubled Waters

The author of the Twelve Hours series welcomes readers to a new fantasy world, where the elements rule. Zoe Ardelay receives astonishing and unwelcome news: she has been chosen to… Continue Reading Posted in: Coming of Age Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Magic, Royal Houses

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