Armageddon’s Children

Author: Terry Brooks

Terry Brooks is one of a handful of writers whose work defines modern fantasy fiction. His twenty-three international bestsellers have ranged from the beloved Shannara series to stories that tread a much darker path. Armageddon’s Children is a new creation–the perfect opportunity for readers unfamiliar with Brooks’s previous work to experience an author at the height of hi….Read More

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The Legend of Luke (A Tale of Redwall)

A young hedgehog maid visits Redwall Abbey and sings a half-remembered song recounting the adventures of a warrior called Luke.  This chance meeting begins a tale of two quests: that of… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Mice & Small Animal Stories, Teen & Young Adult Nature & the Natural World Fiction eBooks


Second thrilling REDWALL adventure This IS the story of Martin the Warrior, the legendary founder of Redwall Abbey. When Verduaga Greeneyes, king of the wildcats, becomes tyrant truler over the… Continue Reading

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