Back to the Divide

Author: Elizabeth Kay

After his adventures in The Divide, Felix lives quietly at home with his parents. But Snakeweed, the arch villain, is still at large. Having failed to sell bad magic to the real world, he wants to go back home. All he needs to get there is the spell hidden in Felix’s notebook. So Snakeweed pays a visit to Felix–and freezes his parents with a horrible curse that begins to….Read More

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Jinx on the Divide

When Rhino, the school bully, knocks over Felix's bag in the corridor, a furious genie escapes from the lamp inside and takes Rhino hostage. While inside the lamp, Rhino discovers… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy, Young Adult

Demon Thief

Kernel Fleck has always known he's weird. He sees lights. Strange, multi-colored patches of light, swirling through the air. But it's not until a window opens into a demon world,… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories, Juvenile Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Boys & Men, Teen & Young Adult Myths & Legends

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