Death’s Head


Author: Leo Kessler

In this gripping adventure SS Assault Battalion Wotan, the toughest troops in Europe, are sent on an apparently impossible mission against the elite of the Soviet Army in a vital bid to prepare the way for Operation Barbarossa. Once again we meet the ruthless Major Geier, known as the “Vulture,” whose sexual practices are a constant threat to his consuming ambition; here t….Read More

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The Bookman’s Tale

"What about the most valuable relic in the history of English literature—would that be worth killing for?"Hay-on-Wye, 1995. Peter Byerly isn't sure what drew him into this particular bookshop. Nine… Continue Reading Posted in: 1564 1616, England, Shakespeare, Widowers, William


It was supposed to be Hitler's glorious conquest of Russia...,,The 27th Penal Regiment has been ordered to invade the Soviet Union. They are half-starved and ill-equipped. To reach Moscow they… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Historical, War

Wheels of Terror

Sven Hassel's ultimate tank warfare novel.,,'This is a book of horrors, and should be left alone by those prone to nightmares. Sven Hassel's descriptions of the atrocities committed by both… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Historical, War

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