Falsely Accused


Author: Robert K. Tanenbaum

From the courtrooms to the mean city streets, the bestselling author of Corruption of Blood delivers his most powerful novel yet. Butch Karp’s first case after leaving the Manhattan’s D.A.’s office is representing the NYC Chief Medical Examiner, fired from his job for supposed incompetence. As Karp methodically demolishes the D.A.’s flimsy case in court, he begins to suspe….Read More

9 Books Similar to Falsely Accused

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In 1938 Graham Greene was commissioned to visit Mexico to discover the state of the country and its people in the aftermath of the brutal anti-clerical purges of President Calles.… Continue Reading Posted in: History, Nonfiction, Travel

Original Bliss

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To Risks Unknown

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Immoral Certainty

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Like Plastic

LPC is a plastics manufacturer in West London, founded by two Jewish brothers in the 1930s. Now the business is failing and the Levy family is failing too - riven… Continue Reading

May We Borrow Your Husband? and Other Comedies of the Sexual Life

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The Devil’s Teardrop

Thriller readers can always count on getting extra value from Jeffery Deaver--strong plots, fascinating research, believable characters and plenty of surprise endings. As in The Terminator, the bad guys in… Continue Reading Posted in: Suspense Fiction, United States. Federal Bureau Of Investigation, Washington (D.C.)

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