Ghosts I Have Been

Author: Richard Peck

Blossom Culp is the outspoken outcast of Bluff City, always getting into trouble. No one wants to cross her, especially now that she’s revealed that she can see the Unseen. Then Blossom herself is stunned, because her lie turns out to be truth. She actually does have second sight…and she is “on board” the sinking Titanic…..Read More

6 Books Similar to Ghosts I Have Been

The Darkangel

Aeriel is kidnapped by the darkangel, a black-winged vampyre of astounding beauty and youth. In his castle keep, she serves his 13 wives, wraiths whose souls he stole. She must… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult Fantasy, Vampire Horror, Vampires

The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp

It's Halloween, 1914. Teenage psychic Blossom Culp sneaks into the house where the rest of her class is having a party-and that's when everything goes haywire. Suddenly Blossom is hurled… Continue Reading Posted in: Schools Fiction, Time Travel

A Gathering of Gargoyles

Aeriel has broken the spell on the vampyre Irrylath and returned him to his human form. But with the White Witch haunting Irrylath's dreams, Aeriel must now set off on… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Fantasy & Magic Books, Fantasy Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Wizards & Witches Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

Princess at Sea

One day Tess was the crown princess of Costenopolie, and the next she discovered she was a beggar's child, reared as a decoy to keep the real princess safe from… Continue Reading Posted in: Magicians, Rescues, Young Women

The Children of Green Knowe

There are three children: Toby, who rides the majestic horse Feste; his mischievous little sister, Linnet; and their brother, Alexander, who plays the flute. The children warmly welcome Tolly to… Continue Reading Posted in: 1945, Christmas, Juvenile Fiction

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