Hex and the City

Author: Simon R. Green

Lady Luck has hired John Taylor to investigate the origins of the Nightside–the dark heart of London where it’s always 3 A.M. But when he starts to uncover facts about his long-vanished mother, the Nightside–and all of existence– could be snuffed out…..Read More

8 Books Similar to Hex and the City

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse

Generations ago, angel Remiel chose to renounce heaven and live on Earth. He found a place among ordinary humans by converting himself into Boston P.I. Remy Chandler, but he can… Continue Reading Posted in: Chandler, Private Investigators, Remy (Fictitious Character)

The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny

John Taylor, the PI with a knack for finding things, gets a visit from Walker-the powerful, never-to-be-trusted agent who runs the Nightside on behalf of The Authorities. He tells John… Continue Reading Posted in: England London, Paranormal Suspense, Private Investigator Mysteries, Private Investigators

Game of Cages

A SECRET HIGH-STAKES AUCTION As a wealthy few gather to bid on a predator capable of destroying all life on earth, the sorcerers of the Twenty Palace Society mobilize to stop… Continue Reading Posted in: Magicians, Secret Societies

Dancing on the Head of a Pin

Meet Remy Chandler... He's one of the good guys... But he's in bad trouble... Having lost the love of his life, Remy finds himself turning away from the world. He… Continue Reading Posted in: Ancient, Massachusetts Boston, Private Investigators, Weapons

Where Angels Fear To Tread

On travelling to Italy with her friend Caroline Abbot, the impulsive English widow Lilia Herriton outrages her dead husband's family by meeting and quickly becoming engaged to a dashing but… Continue Reading Posted in: Family Life Fiction, Fiction Classics, Historical Fiction, Italy, Social Life And Customs

Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth

My name is John Taylor. I’m a PI for hire in the Nightside, the dark and corrupt city within the city of London. Where the sun never shines and where… Continue Reading Posted in: English, Fantasy Fiction, Private Investigators

Paths Not Taken

John Taylor just discovered his long-gone mother created the Nightside—the dark heart of London—and intends to destroy it. To save his birthplace, he will have to travel back through a… Continue Reading Posted in: England London, Private Investigators

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