Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

Fawn’s husband Dag apprentices to a master groundsetter. But the camp has rigid mores with respect to farmers like Fawn’s people. The pair must answer the question posed when they killed their first malice together: When old traditions fail, can their untried new ways win?….Read More

5 Books Similar to Horizon

Summon the Keeper

Claire Hansen, the Keeper, is summoned to the Elysian Fields Guest House to reseal a hole in the basement, which is literally an opening to Hell. The owner and monitor… Continue Reading Posted in: Cats, Fantasy, Humorous Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy

Changer of Worlds

WELCOME AGAIN TO THE MANY WORLDS OF HONORLady Dame Honor Harrington—starship captain, admiral, Steadholder, and Duchess—has spent decades defending the Star Kingdom of Manticore against all comers. Along the way,… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Military Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction Anthologies, Women Air Pilots

Traitor’s Moon

Master spies Seregil and Alec are no strangers to peril. Their assignments, nightrunning for wizards and nobles, have led them into many deadly situations. But sometimes the greatest danger can… Continue Reading Posted in: LGBT Action & Adventure, Magic, Quests (Expeditions), Romantic Fantasy

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