Hot Water Music

Biographical Fiction

Author: Charles Bukowski

With his characteristic raw and minimalist style, Charles Bukowski takes us on a walk through his side of town in Hot Water Music.  He gives us little vignettes of depravity and lasciviousness, bite sized pieces of what is both beautiful and grotesque.The stories in Hot Water Music dash around the worst parts of town – a motel room stinking of sick, a decrepit apartment ho….Read More

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Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness

Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness was a paperback collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski, first published by City Lights Publishers in 1972.[1] It was the… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction

Tropic of Capricorn

Riotous, rude and explosive, Tropic of Capricorn chronicles Henry Miller's early life in New York. The young Miller is angry, passionate, lewd, a fiery prophet of sexual and intellectual freedom,… Continue Reading Posted in: Autobiographical Fiction, Civilization, Social Life And Customs

South of No North

South of No North contains some of Bukowski's best work. Among the short stories collected in the book are Love for $17.50, about a man named Robert whose infatuation with… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Manners And Customs, Short Stories, Short Stories In English 1900 Texts

The Brotherhood of the Grape

Henry Molise, a 50 year old, successful writer, returns to the family home to help with the latest drama; his aging parents want to divorce. Henry's tyrannical, brick laying father,… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature, Contemporary American Fiction, Family, Italian American Families, Italian Americans

Notes of a Dirty Old Man

"People come to my door—too many of them really—and knock to tell me Notes of a Dirty Old Man turns them on. A bum off the road brings in a… Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction Anthologies, Bukowski, Charles, Fiction, Short Stories, Social Life And Customs


From iconic tortured artist/everyman Charles Bukowski, Hollywood is the fictionalization of his experience adapting his novel Barfly into a movie by the same name.Henry Chinaski, Bukowski’s alter-ego, is pushed to… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, United States


Henry Chinaski, an outcast, a loner and a hopeless dunk, drifts around America form one dead-end job to another, from one woman to another and from one bottle to the… Continue Reading Posted in: Alcoholics, Fiction, Man Woman Relationships

1933 Was a Bad Year

Trapped in a small, poverty-ridden town in 1933, seventeen-year-old Dominic Molise yearns to fulfil his own dreams of becoming an American sports hero. This teenage southpaw aspires to big leagues,… Continue Reading Posted in: Bildungsromane, Children's eBooks, Contemporary American Fiction, Depressions, Fiction

A Season in Hell/Illuminations

Written by Rimbaud at the age of 18 in the wake of his tempestuous affair with fellow poet Paul Verlaine, "A Season in Hell" has been a touchstone for anguished… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Biography, Poetry In French

The Most Beautiful Woman in Town & Other Stories

These mad immortal stories, now surfaced from the literary underground, have addicted legions of American readers, even though the high literary establishment continues to ignore them. In Europe, however (particularly… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Home Decorating, Social Life And Customs, Tablesetting & Cooking

Black Spring

Continuing the subversive self-revelation begun in Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, Henry Miller takes readers along a mad, free-associating journey from the damp grime of his Brooklyn youth… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, Sex Customs, United States


Nicky Belane, private detective and career alcoholic, is a troubled man. He is plagued not just by broads, booze, lack of cash and a raging ego, but also by the… Continue Reading Posted in: Dark Humor, Detective And Mystery Stories Gsafd, Hard-Boiled Mystery, Suspense Fiction

Tales of Ordinary Madness

Inspired by D.H. Lawrence, Chekhov and Hemingway, Bukowski's writing is passionate, extreme and has attracted a cult following, while his life was as weird and wild as the tales he… Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction Anthologies, Fiction, Short Stories, Social Life And Customs, Subculture

Nine Stories

Nine Stories (1953) is a collection of short stories by American fiction writer J. D. Salinger published in April 1953. It includes two of his most famous short stories, "A… Continue Reading Posted in: Caulfield, Classic American Literature, Classic Literature & Fiction, Essays, Festschrift, Holden (Fictitious Character)


With this new collection, George Saunders takes us even further into the shocking, uproarious and oddly familiar landscape of his imagination.The stories in Pastoralia are set in a slightly skewed… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Social Life And Customs, United States

An Italian Affair

When Laura Fraser's husband leaves her for his high school sweetheart, she takes off, on impulse, for Italy, hoping to leave some of her sadness behind. There, on the island… Continue Reading Posted in: Autobiography, Cultural, Travel

Ham on Rye

Follows the path of the author's alter-ego Henry Chinaski through the high school years of acne and rejection and into the beginning of a long and successful career in alcoholism.… Continue Reading Posted in: Autobiographical Fiction, Manners And Customs, Teenage Boys

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