If Angels Burn: A Novel of the Darkyn

Gothic Romances


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11 Books Similar to If Angels Burn: A Novel of the Darkyn

Private Demon

Night after night, Jema Shaw's dreams have become a haven for Thierry Durand. But his nocturnal visits have placed her in danger and brought her between two ancient enemies: the… Continue Reading Posted in: Vampires

Master of Darkness

When vampire hunter Eden Faveau mistakes Laurent, a renegade vampire of Tribe Manticore, for her new partner, he's not about to correct her. He's stolen a laptop full of sensitive… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, Love Stories

A Taste of Crimson

Los Angeles is no longer the City of Angels; dark things haunt its streets- dark restless things. Bodies have been found, and the tentative peace between humans, vampires, and werewolves… Continue Reading Posted in: Vampires, Werewolves

A Girl’s Guide to Vampires

All Joy Randall wants is a little old-fashioned romance, but when she participates in a "Goddess evoking" ceremony with her friend, Roxy, Joy finds out her future true love is… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Man Woman Relationships

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