Land’s End

Author: Anne D. LeClaire

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4 Books Similar to Land’s End

Entering Normal

In the tradition of The Good Mother and The Deep End of the Ocean, Anne D. LeClaire delivers a heartbreaking–and breathtaking–novel of two very different but equally loving mothers who… Continue Reading Posted in: Custody Of Children, Fiction, Single Mothers

An Ornithologist’s Guide to Life

Looking at her characters as if through a pair of binoculars, Ann Hood captures the extraordinary in the ordinary. A pregnant woman left by her husband cooks obsessively to cope… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Psychological Fiction, Short Stories

The Law of Bound Hearts

With Entering Normal and Leaving Eden, Anne LeClaire brilliantly probed the interior lives of women–friends, mothers, daughters–bringing to vivid life the conflict, surprises, and resilience of their complex relationships. Now… Continue Reading Posted in: Kidneys Diseases Patients, Kidneys Transplantation

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