Late Nights on Air


Author: Elizabeth Hay

It’s 1975 when beautiful Dido Paris arrives at the radio station in Yellowknife, a frontier town in the Canadian north. Her enchanting voice disarms hard-bitten broadcaster Harry Boyd and electrifies the station, setting into motion rivalries both professional and sexual. As the drama at the station unfolds, a proposed gas pipeline threatens to rip open the land, inspiring….Read More

13 Books Similar to Late Nights on Air

The Septembers of Shiraz

In the aftermath of the Iranian revolution, rare-gem dealer Isaac Amin is arrested, wrongly accused of being a spy. Terrified by his disappearance, his family must reconcile a new world… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature, Deals in Books, Fiction, Iran


Flip, flap here.Flip, flop there.Potato pancakes in the air.Latkes flying everywhere!Winner of the National Jewish Book Award, Hanukkah! follows one family's celebration of the holiday, from eating latkes and spinning… Continue Reading Posted in: Missing Children, Single Mothers, Suspense Fiction

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures invites us into a world where the ordinary becomes the critical in a matter of seconds. A formidable debut, it is a profound and unforgettable depiction… Continue Reading Posted in: Emergency Physicians, Ontario Toronto

The Japanese Wife

‘It’s an improbable and hauntingly beautiful love story, almost surreal in its innocence. And I immediately knew that this was the film I had to make.’ – Aparna Sen,,An Indian… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fiction, Short Stories

The Time in Between

The inspiring international bestseller of a seemingly ordinary woman who uses her talent and courage to transform herself first into a prestigious couturier and then into an undercover agent for… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Fiction, Morocco Tã©Touan, Spanish & Portuguese Literature, War Fiction

Inés of My Soul

Born into a poor family in Spain, Inés, a seamstress, finds herself condemned to a life of hard work without reward or hope for the future. It is the sixteenth… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Biographical Fiction, Spaniards

Clara Callan

In a small town in Canada, Clara Callan reluctantly takes leave of her sister, Nora, who is bound for New York. It's a time when the growing threat of fascism… Continue Reading Posted in: Actresses, Nineteen Thirties, Social Life And Customs

The View from Mount Joy

The View from Mount Joy, Lorna Landvikâ��s delightfully quirky and intensely moving new novel, is about a man, a supermarket, the roads not taken, and the great, unexpected pleasures found… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, High Schools, Mothers And Sons, Women In Radio Broadcasting

Mercy Among The Children

The novel tells the story of Sydney Henderson and his son, Lyle. As a young man, Sydney, believing he has accidentally killed a friend, makes a pact with God, promising… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary, Cultural, Fiction

A Complicated Kindness

Nomi Nickel lives with her father, Ray, in East Village, a small Mennonite town in Manitoba. She dreams of escaping to the big city, but since her mother and sister… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary American Fiction, Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Domestic Fiction, Manitoba, Social Life And Customs

Through Black Spruce

A haunting novel about identity, love, and loss by the author of Three Day RoadWill Bird is a legendary Cree bush pilot, now lying in a coma in a hospital… Continue Reading Posted in: Domestic Fiction, Historical Literary Fiction, Indians Of North America, Northern, Ontario, Psychological Literary Fiction

The Bishop’s Man

The year is 1993 and Father Duncan MacAskill stands at a small Cape Breton fishing harbour a few miles from where he grew up. Enjoying the timeless sight of a… Continue Reading Posted in: Child Sexual Abuse By Clergy, Contemporary Literary Fiction, Corrupt Practices, Electronic Books, Psychological Literary Fiction

The Stone Angel

With her life nearly behind her, the witty, irascible, and fiercely proud Hagar Shipley escapes from her nursing home and sets out in search of a way to reconcile herself… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Cultural, Fiction

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