Men in Kilts

Women's Sagas

Author: Katie MacAlister

She crossed the pond and lost her heart…What do they wear under those things?So far, Kathie Williams has made a good showing as the only American at a mystery writers’ conference in Manchester— what with that falling asleep in public thing behind her.The sight of Iain MacLaren wakes her up. Clad in a deliciously woolly sweater, the burly Scotsman seems to be holding up a w….Read More

9 Books Similar to Men in Kilts

Undead and Unwed

It'a been a helluva week for Betsy Taylor. First, she loses her job. Then, to top things off, she's killed in a car accident. But what really bites (besides waking… Continue Reading Posted in: Eric (Fictitious Character), Humorous Stories, Paranormal Fiction, Sinclair

Undead and Unemployed

Nothing can make Betsy Taylor give up her shoe fetish - even dying and rising as the new Queen of the Vampires. Being royally undead isn't all it's cracked up… Continue Reading Posted in: American Humorous Fiction, Betsy (Fictitious Character), Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories, Fiction, Humorous Stories, Taylor

Holy Smokes

Drake Vireo, the green dragon of Aisling's dreams, is finally ready to make an honest woman of her-if she can ever get him to the altar. Being stood up cools… Continue Reading Posted in: Dragons, Fantasy Fiction, Ghost Mysteries, Weddings Planning, Werewolf & Shifter Mysteries

A Girl’s Guide to Vampires

All Joy Randall wants is a little old-fashioned romance, but when she participates in a "Goddess evoking" ceremony with her friend, Roxy, Joy finds out her future true love is… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Man Woman Relationships

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