Moon Palace

Author: Paul Auster

It was the summer that men first walked on the moon. I was very young back then, but did not believe there would ever be a future. I wanted to live dangerously, to push myself as far as I could go, and then see what happened when I got there.’So begins the mesmerising narrative of Marco Stanley Fogg – orphan, child of the 1960s, a quester by nature. Moon Palace is his sto….Read More

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New York Times bestselling author Paul Auster (The New York Trilogy) opens Leviathan with the tearing of a bomb explosion and the death of one Benjamin Sachs. Ben’s one-time best friend,… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Authors, Detective And Mystery Stories, Historical Fiction Short Stories, Literary Short Stories

The Music of Chance

Nashe has decided to pursue a 'life of freedom', when he meets Pozzi, an itinerant gambler. Together they go in for an extraordinary game of poker with Flower and Stone,… Continue Reading Posted in: Absurdist Fiction, English Fiction, Literary Short Stories, Road Fiction

The Book of Illusions

Six months after losing his wife and two young sons, Vermont professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in a blur of alcoholic grief and self-pity. One night, he… Continue Reading Posted in: Missing Persons, Motion Picture Actors And Actresses, Mystery, Psychological Fiction, Psychological Literary Fiction, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction

The Enchantment Of Lily Dahl

Siri Hustvedt's mesmerising second novel, 'startlingly good, tautly written and very sexy' Marie Claire. Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction, Waitresses, Women's Literary Fiction, Women's Psychological Fiction

The Invention of Solitude

One day there is life . . . And then, suddenly, it happens there is death.'So begins Paul Auster's moving and personal meditation on fatherhood.The first section, 'Portrait of an… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Fatherhood, Fiction, Parenting Boys, United States

The Room

Secluded in his remand cell, a small-time criminal surrenders himself to sadistic fantasies of hatred and revenge. Selby's second novel is a claustrophobic descent into the tormented soul of a… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction In English American Writers 1945 Texts, Prisoners, Psychological Fiction, Psychological Literary Fiction, United States

Girl in Landscape

Lethem's latest genre-bending exploration of science, landscape and the metaphysics of love and loss. A coming of age story about a teenage girl on the frontiers of space.Pella's father, Clement,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Life On Other Planets

Sunset Park

Luminous, passionate, expansive, an emotional tour de force, Sunset Park follows the hopes and fears of a cast of unforgettable characters brought together by the mysterious Miles Heller during the… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature, Father And Child, Fathers And Sons, Fiction, Literary Fiction

The Brooklyn Follies

I was looking for a quiet place to die. Someone recommended Brooklyn, and so the next morning I travelled down there from Westchester to scope out the terrain...'So begins Paul… Continue Reading Posted in: Family Life Fiction, Fiction, Intergenerational Relations, Psychological Literary Fiction, Recluses

Oracle Night

Several months into his recovery from a near-fatal illness, novelist Sidney Orr enters a stationery shop in Brooklyn and buys a blue notebook. It is September 18, 1982, and for… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Fiction, Novelists, Psychological Fiction


Mr. Bones, the heroic dog of Paul Auster's astonishing book, is the sidekick and confidant of Willy G. Christmas, a brilliant and troubled homeless man from Brooklyn. As Willy's body… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Human Animal Relationships, Love Stories

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