Right as Rain (Derek Strange/Terry Quinn)

Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store)

Author: George Pelecanos

Derek Strange is a black ex-cop in Washington D.C. who now makes a living running his own private detective agency. He is hired to investigate the killing of an off-duty black policeman by a white police officer — a killing that was supposedly accidental, but that has opened difficult questions about racism on the force. In the course of that investigation the white offic….Read More

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The Road Home

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Hell to Pay

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The Big Blowdown

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Hard Revolution

In this prequel to the two highly successful Derek Strange novels, George P. Pelecanos illuminates his early life as a black police officer in Washington in 1968. Continue Reading Posted in: Black & African American Mystery, Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, Historical African Fiction, Private Investigators, Thriller & Suspense Fiction


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Soul Circus

Bleak, gritty and moving, Soul Circus superbly brings to life a devastating story of life and death in Washington's black ghettos.Private Investigator Derek Strange and his partner, Terry Quinn, are… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Drug Traffic, Fiction, Hard-Boiled Mysteries, Private Investigator Mysteries

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