Safely Home

Author: Randy Alcorn

2002 Gold Medallion Award winner! Fans of Randy Alcorn will applaud this soul-stirring story of two college friends who reconnect after twenty years. One is living life apart from God in comfortable corporate America while the other is living for Christ under intense persecution in China. This stunning page-turner will convict the hearts of readers to live in the light of….Read More

7 Books Similar to Safely Home

The List

Gable Cooper has penned a novel worth six million dollars. But he doesn't exist. Abby Chandlis is lawyer-turned-novelist and the creator of Gable Cooper. She is looking for a charismatic… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Fiction, Legal Thrillers (Books), Mystery Action & Adventure, Thrillers, Women Novelists


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The Trial

Somebody must have laid false information against Josef K., for he was arrested one morning without having done anything wrong.' From this first sentence onwards, Josef K. is on trial… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Legal Thrillers, Psychological Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Classic Literature, Translations Into English


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Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern

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A visitor from the end of time comes to take a handful of strangers into space, where they must destroy the ultimate marvel of science in this powerful sf classic."Modern… Continue Reading Posted in: Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks, American, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Time Travel Fiction

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