Selected Poems

European Poetry

Author: Osip Mandelstam

James Greene’s acclaimed translations of the poetry of Osip Mandelshtam, now in an extensively revised and augmented edition…..Read More

6 Books Similar to Selected Poems

Electra and Other Plays

Written during a period overshadowed by the fierce struggle for supremacy between Sparta and Euripides' native Athens, these five plays are haunted by the shadow of war - and in… Continue Reading Posted in: Ancient & Classical Literature, Bibliography, Classic Greek Literature, Electra (Euripides), Tragedies

The Satyricon and The Apocolocyntosis

Perhaps the strangest and most strikingly modern work to survive from the ancient world, The Satyricon relates the hilarious mock epic adventures of the impotent Encolpius, and his struggle to… Continue Reading Posted in: Ancient & Classical Poetry, Christian Poetry, Etc.), Humour, Latin Literature, Satire, Satyricon

Selected Poems

"Now this is the Law of the Jungle--as old and as true as the sky;And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it… Continue Reading Posted in: British & Irish Poetry, Poetry

Three Plays

Passionate and powerful, the three plays collected together in this volume represent August Strindburge (1849-1912) at his best, 'The Father', 'Miss Julia', and the more mystical 'Easter.' In all three… Continue Reading Posted in: Drama Literary Criticism, English Drama, Scandinavian Literature, Translations From Swedish

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