Author: Robert Reuland

Rob Reuland’s first novel, Hollowpoint, was described by the Guardian as ‘a blackly comic tale of a lawyer on a redemptive mission in the bleak Brooklyn projects. Reuland guides us through the cynical courtrooms and mean streets with assurance, cruel wit and pathos.’,,,,,,Semiautomatic features the same lawyer, Andrew Giobberti. Having resolved an explosive case in a controversi….Read More

3 Books Similar to Semiautomatic

The Long Suit

On the second green of a Long Island golf-course there are three golf balls and a corpse with a bullet-hole in his forehead. The call goes out for Harry Fielding,… Continue Reading

Between the Acts

In Woolf's final novel, villagers present their annual pageant, made up of scenes from the history of England, at a house in the heart of the country as personal dramas… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, Literature

Accidents in the Home

An improbable coincidence brings Clare back into contact with someone she once had sex with at a teenage party; complicatedly, he is now going out with her best friend, Helly.… Continue Reading Posted in: Female Friendship, Psychological Fiction

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