Shipyard Girls at War


Author: Nancy Revell

1941: It takes strength to work on the docks, but the war demands all hands on deck and the women are doing their best to fill the gap.,,Rosie is flourishing in her role as head-welder while still keeping her double life a secret. But a dashing detective is forcing Rosie to choose between love and her duty.,,Gloria is hiding her own little secret – one that if found out, could….Read More

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Secrets of the Shipyard Girls

Sunderland 1941: As the war drags on, the shipyard girls find themselves facing their own battles.,,Gloria is over the moon with her bundle of joy, but Hope’s first weeks are… Continue Reading

The Shipyard Girls

Sunderland, 1940, and the women go to the shipyards to do their bit for the war effort.>p>Polly never dreamed she would be able to work in the shipyards like the… Continue Reading Posted in: Historical, War

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