Shock Wave

Author: Clive Cussler

From an island off the coast of Australia, a diamond tycoon heads a reign of terror, but he has never come up against the fury of a man like Dirk Pitt….Read More

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Atlantis Found

An Antarctic whaler stumbles across an aged wreck—her frozen crew guarding a priceless treasure.A team of anthropologists is buried under a mountain by a deliberate explosion.A ship that should have… Continue Reading Posted in: Dirk (Fictitious Character), Pitt, Suspense Fiction, Time Travel

Flood Tide

Another compelling Dirk Pitt adventure from the bestselling author Clive Cussler. Continue Reading Posted in: Billionaires, Immigrants, Smuggling

Inca Gold

Nearly five centuries ago a fleet of boats landed mysteriouslyon an island in an inland sea. There, an ancient Andeanpeople hid a golden hoard greater than that of any pharaoh,then… Continue Reading Posted in: Mexico, Organized Crime, Smuggling


It is the immediate future and the drug cartels are winning. Enter the Hammerheads, an elite armed force built on a merged customs and coastguard service. Stationed on offshore platforms,… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Mclanahan, Patrick (Fictitious Character)

Trojan Odyssey

Long hailed as the grand master of adventure fiction, Clive Cussler has continued to astound with the intricate plotting and astonishing set pieces of his novels. Now, with a surprising… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Stories, Antiquities, Suspense Fiction

Plan of Attack

When an almost-forgotten enemy prepares a shock attack on America, only one man can see it coming. The high-adrenalin new Patrick McLanahan adventure from the bestselling author of Flight of… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary American Fiction, International Relations, Read & Listen for $14.99 or Less, Suspense Fiction, United States

Valhalla Rising

It is July 2003. In the middle of its maiden voyage, the luxury cruise ship Emerald Dolphin suddenly catches fire and sinks. What caused it? Why didn't the alarms go… Continue Reading Posted in: Marine Accidents, Suspense Fiction

Deep Six

A deadly tide of poison flows into ocean waters. A ghost ship drifts across the empty northern Pacific. A luxury Soviet liner blazes into a funeral pyre. The Presidential yacht… Continue Reading Posted in: American Writers, Brainwashing, Fiction In English

Dark Watch

A new adventure from the number-one New York Times-bestselling master of high seas action.Unabridged CDs - 9 CDs, 10 hours Continue Reading Posted in: Sea Adventures Fiction (Books), Sea Stories

Black Wind

Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than 399. Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn pages. No stains. Note: The above used product classification has… Continue Reading Posted in: Sea Adventures Fiction (Books), Terrorism Thrillers (Books)


For Dirk Pitt, the witnessing of an airship disaster sets in motion the most nail-biting events of his career. When he finds his trail leading to fabulous treasure beneath the… Continue Reading

Pacific Vortex

Auf einer Testfahrt verschwindet die Starbuck, das neueste und modernste U-Boot der Welt, spurlos irgendwo im Pazifik. Und das ist keinesfalls ein Einzelfall: Bereits 37 Schiffe sind im Laufe der… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure, Fiction, Thriller

The Mediterranean Caper

Dirk Pitt rides a tidal wave of intrigue in this classic Cussler. On an isolated Greek island, a World War I fighter plane attacks a modern U.S. Air Force base--a mysterious… Continue Reading Posted in: Action Thriller Fiction, Thrillers (Kindle Store)

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