Silent Terror


Author: James Ellroy

1953-1983: 30 years of American society, from the hope of Eisenhower’s presidency, to the kinky flower generation, through the death of the dream, Charles Manson, the beginning of the twisted nightmare and the moral backlash of the 80s. One Man’s crimes span these years and the length and breadth of America. Martin Michael Plunkett – of genius level intelligence, articulat….Read More

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Mothers’ Boys

The attack on fifteen-year-old Joe Kennedy was particularly squalid and vicious. Sheila Armstrong's grandson Leo, usually a quiet, well-behaved boy, was found holding a knife. Harriet Kennedy cannot cope with… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction

Brown’s Requiem

Los Angeles - Fritz Brown, ex-alcoholic private eye with a stained past, makes do with car repossessions and classical music. Then he is offered a case by Freddy 'Fat Dog'… Continue Reading


It went wrong from the start; the money's been stolen from the remote, rural Post Office, but Darren was over-enthusiastic with the lump hammer. As the elderly sub-postmistress lies in… Continue Reading

The Cold Six Thousand

Dallas, November '63 - the heart of the American Dream detonated. Wayne Tedrow Jr., a young Vegas cop, arrives with a loathsome job to do. He's got six thousand in… Continue Reading Posted in: Politics And Government, Suspense Fiction, Texas Dallas

World’s Fair

The astonishing novel of a young boy's life in the New York City of the 1930s, a stunning recreation of the sights, sounds, aromas and emotions of a time when… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Literary Sagas, New York World's Fair, Psychological Fiction (Kindle Store)

L.A. Noir

Three of Ellroy's most compelling novels featuring Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins in one volume. Blood On The Moon: 20 random killings of women are unconnected in police files. But Det.… Continue Reading Posted in: Crime Fiction, Hopkins, Kidnapping, Lloyd (Fictitious Character)

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