Author: Niall Griffiths

It went wrong from the start; the money’s been stolen from the remote, rural Post Office, but Darren was over-enthusiastic with the lump hammer. As the elderly sub-postmistress lies in a coma, Alastair and Darren head to Liverpool in search of a consignment of pure cocaine – and even deeper trouble…..Read More

4 Books Similar to Wreckage

Mothers’ Boys

The attack on fifteen-year-old Joe Kennedy was particularly squalid and vicious. Sheila Armstrong's grandson Leo, usually a quiet, well-behaved boy, was found holding a knife. Harriet Kennedy cannot cope with… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction


In the late 1990s, a group of young drifters from various parts of Britain find themselves washed up together in a small town on the west coast of Wales, fixed… Continue Reading Posted in: Anglo Welsh Fiction, Anglo Welsh Literature, Coming of Age Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Books

Silent Terror

1953-1983: 30 years of American society, from the hope of Eisenhower's presidency, to the kinky flower generation, through the death of the dream, Charles Manson, the beginning of the twisted… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller


Few writers distinguish themselves by their ability to write about complicated, even obscure topics clearly and engagingly. In Chaos, James Gleick, a former science writer for the New York Times,… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Chaos

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