Author: Michael Crichton

In the South Pacific, 1,000 feet beneath the surface, a spaceship rests on the ocean floor–a spaceship at least 300 years old, , Rushed to the scene are four scientists: an astrophysicist, a biologist, a mathematician and a psychologist. Together they descend into the depths of the sea to investigate this astonishing find, to search for answers., , Has it come from an alien cultu….Read More

11 Books Similar to Sphere


Dr Marissa Blumenthal is a recently qualified member of Atlanta's renowned Centre for Disease Control, yet to put her skills to the test in the field.But when a mysterious viral… Continue Reading Posted in: Clinics, English Fiction, Fiction In English 1945 Anthologies, Medical Fiction


Sometimes playing cat and mouse is no game… Play? Right. My Pride is under fire from all sides, my father's authority is in question and my lover is in exile.… Continue Reading Posted in: Faythe (Fictitious Character), Metamorphosis, Romantic Suspense Novels, Sanders


La novela trata sobre lo que podría ser el contacto con una cultura extraterrestre inteligente, sobre cómo se vería afectada la especie humana al conocer que no estamos solos en… Continue Reading Posted in: Exploration, Outer Space, Women Scientists

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

Revised and Expanded. On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean's deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with the largest and most ferocious predator in the history of the… Continue Reading Posted in: Movie & Game Tie-In Fiction, Sea Adventures Fiction (Books), TV

State of Fear

In Paris, a physicist dies after a visit from a beautiful stranger. In the jungles of Malaysia, a mysterious buyer purchases deadly technology. In Vancouver, a research submarine is hired… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Environmental Disasters, Submarines (Ships)

The Terminal Man

Harry Benson is a man troubled by violent seizures and blackouts, with grave doubts about what occurs during those lost hours. When two surgeons approach him with a drastic new… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Human Experimentation In Medicine, United States

Beast (Windsor Selections S )

Author: Sorry we couldn’t find a book description. Please use the goodreads and/or amazon links on the book page to read more.....Read More Amazon goodreads Review this Book See All… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Suspense Thrillers

Rising Sun

On the forty-fifth floor of the Nakamoto Tower in downtown L. A. a grand opening celebration is in full swing at the new American headquarters of the immense Japanese conglomerate.… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Literary Fiction, California Los Angeles, Contemporary American Fiction, English Fiction, United States


The twin jet plane en route to Denver from Hong Kong is merely a green radar blip half an hour off the California coast when the call comes through to… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Stories, California, Thrillers


Following on from the bestselling 'Prey' and 'State of Fear', Michael Crichton's novel is set to repeat the winning formula established with novels such as 'Jurassic Park': to identify future… Continue Reading

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