The Clique Summer Collection #3: Alicia

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Author: Lisi Harrison

ALICIA TAKES ON MISSION SPALPHA: SPANISH ALPHA!, , Back in Spain to visit her relatives, Alicia discovers that Europe’s newest pop sensation, ¡i!, is searching for a true Spanish beauty to star in his new video. Ah-mazing times ten! If Alicia is cast, Massie will never call her Fannish (fake Spanish) again. The only possible glitch in Operation Spalpha? She’ll have to beat her….Read More

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Revenge of the Wannabes

The social minefields of Westchester County's most privileged middle school girls drive the page-turning action of this third installment of this addictive series, set in New York City's most elite… Continue Reading Posted in: Cliques (Sociology), Middle Schools, Teenagers

Goosebumps: The Beast From The East: The Beast From The East (Goosebumps: The Beast From The East)

They're baa-ack! Make way for the bestselling children's series of all time! With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids. So reader… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Spine-Chilling Horror, Literature & Fiction (Books)

Best Friends for Never

In the second book starring Westchester County's most privileged middle schoolers, the Clique declares Massie a hero for hosting the first boy/girl Halloween party of 8th grade. Massie's already hired… Continue Reading Posted in: Friendship, New York (State) Westchester County, Social Classes

A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love

The Sand Dune High cheerleading squad has gone coed, and not everyone is happy about it. Annisa's psyched when her boyfriend signs up, and stunting with the guys is pretty… Continue Reading Posted in: Interpersonal Relations, Man Woman Relationships

Fighting Ruben Wolfe

It's the difference between being a winner and being a fighter...Cameron and Ruben Wolfe are brothers from a family clinging to the ragged edge of the working class. Initially to… Continue Reading Posted in: New South Wales Sydney, Young Adult Fiction

The Pretty Committee Strikes Back

The girls of Octavian Country Day pack up their warmest cashmere coats and their tiniest iPods and board the bus for a President’s Day class trip to Lake Placid. But… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories, Interpersonal Relations, Juvenile Fiction

Dangerously Alice

Alice has always tried to be a decent person. She gets good grades, comes home on time, and has never really given her dad and her stepmom any reason to… Continue Reading Posted in: Alice (Fictitious Character), Conduct Of Life, Families, Mckinley


BATTLE OF THE BFFS!Back in Orlando for the summer, Claire is reunited with her Florida best friends, Sarah, Sari, and Mandy, after a long year apart. Her FBFFs haven't changed… Continue Reading Posted in: Best Friends, Friendship

Sealed with a Diss

Massie Block: Stands at the threshold of the most ah-mazing secret room at OCD. But to prove the Pretty Committee is worthy of the honor, the girls need dates to… Continue Reading Posted in: Cliques (Sociology), Dating (Social Customs), Parties

Bratfest at Tiffany’s

Massie Block: The Briarwood boys have invaded OCD and are taking over everything. Worse, the soccer boys have become so popular that the Pretty Committee's alpha status is in serious… Continue Reading Posted in: Cliques (Sociology), High Schools, Popularity

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