The Dream Of Scipio

Stone's Fall: A Novel

Author: Iain Pears

Dark, erudite and like An Instance of the Fingerpost, utterly compelling, The Dream of Scipio confirms Iain Pears as one of Britain’s most imaginative novelistsSet in Provence at three different critical moments of Western Civilisation – the collapse of the Roman Empire in the fifth century, the Black Death in the fourteenth, and the Second World War in the twentieth – The….Read More

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Death at La Fenice

The twisted maze of Venice's canals has always been shrouded in mystery. Even the celebrated opera house, La Fenice, has seen its share of death ... but none so horrific… Continue Reading Posted in: Brunetti, Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, Guido (Fictitious Character), Hard-Boiled Mystery, International Mystery & Crime

Stone’s Fall

In his most dazzling novel since the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller An Instance of the Fingerpost, Iain Pears tells the story of John Stone, financier and arms dealer, a… Continue Reading Posted in: Arms Transfers, Fiction, Financial Thrillers, Historical Italian Fiction, History

Girl in Landscape

Lethem's latest genre-bending exploration of science, landscape and the metaphysics of love and loss. A coming of age story about a teenage girl on the frontiers of space.Pella's father, Clement,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Life On Other Planets

La tabla de Flandes

A finales del siglo XV un viejo maestro flamenco introduce en uno de sus cuadros, en forma de partida de ajadrez, la clave de un secreto que pudo cambiar la… Continue Reading

Little, Big

Edgewood is many houses, all put inside each other, or across each other. It's filled with and surrounded by mystery and enchantment: the further in you go, the bigger it… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Fairies, Fantastic Fiction, Science Fiction

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Coralie Sardie is the daughter of the sinister impresario behind The Museum of Extraordinary Things, a Coney Island boardwalk freak show that thrills the masses. An exceptional swimmer, Coralie appears… Continue Reading Posted in: Immigrants, New York (State) New York

The Seville Communion

Murderous goings-on in a tiny church draw the Vatican into the dark heart of Seville. A hacker gets into the Pope's personal computer to leave a warning about mysterious deaths… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Religious Fiction, Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, Spain Seville, Spanish & Portuguese Literature


In the fields and forests of western New York State in the late 1960s, several dozen idealists set out to live off the land, founding what becomes a famous commune… Continue Reading Posted in: Coming of Age Fiction, Fiction, Homecoming, Literary Fiction, New York (State)

The Portrait

A dark and disturbing novel of suspense, set at the turn of the 20th century, by the bestselling author of An Instance of the Fingerpost. The windswept isle of Houat,… Continue Reading Posted in: Art Critics, Artists, Portrait Painting

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