The Final Deduction


Author: Rex Stout

When the seemingly safe return of an abducted millionaire ends in his murder in his own home, Nero Wolfe sends Archie Goodwin to do his usual legwork, while Wolfe uncovers corruption and greed among Manhattan’s elite…..Read More

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Three at Wolfe’s Door

Death comes a-calling not once but three times in this murderous collection of cases from the files of Nero Wolfe, the world's greatest detective.,,First there is the exclusive dinner party… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

In the Best Families

Aging millionairess Mrs. Rackham asks Nero Wolfe to find out where her penniless husband has suddenly been obtaining mysteriously large sums of money, a request that leads to murder and… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, New York (State) New York, Private Investigator Mysteries, Traditional Detective Mysteries, United States

Where There’s a Will

Acclaimed for a mischievous wit and his intriguing mixture of forensic anthropology and real skull-duggery, Aaron Elkins is one of the best in the business and getting better all the… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Curtains for Three

Three clever murderers challenge Nero Wolfe in cases involving lovers who want to make sure neither is a killer, a stable full of suspects in the search for a killer… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

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