The First Casualty


Author: Ben Elton

Flanders, June 1917: a British officer and celebrated poet, is shot dead, killed not by German fire, but while recuperating from shell shock well behind the lines. A young English soldier is arrested and, although he protests his innocence, charged with his murder.,,Douglas Kingsley is a conscientious objector, previously a detective with the London police, now imprisoned fo….Read More

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Dead Famous

From a celebrity performer, bestselling author of Popcorn and Inconceivable, a stunning satire on the modern obsession with fame.One house. Ten contestants. Thirty cameras. Forty microphones.Yet again the public gorges… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Fiction, Humorous Stories

Past Mortem

With old friends like these, who needs enemies?It's a question mild mannered detective Edward Newson is forced to ask himself when, in romantic desperation, he logs on to the Friends… Continue Reading Posted in: British & Irish Humor & Satire, Fiction, Murder Investigation, Police, Police Procedurals

High Society

Heiress Missing: The Untold Story. Clemmie Colshannon, a London art appraiser framed (pun intended) by her boyfriend and subsequently fired, retreats to the bosom of her eccentric family in Cornwall… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction


Stark is a secret consortium with more money than God, and the social conscience of a dog on a croquet lawn. What's more, it knows the Earth is dying.,,Deep in… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Humor

Blast From The Past

Ready to follow Nick Hornsby and Helen Fielding as the next big thing from Cool Britannia to hit America is Ben Elton. Already known to a wide public television audience… Continue Reading Posted in: Black Humor, Contemporary British & Irish Literature, Political Fiction, Stalkers, Suspense Fiction


Gridlock is when a city dies.,,Killed in the name of freedom. Killed in the name of oil and steel. Choked on carbon monoxide and strangled with a pair of fluffy… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Humor

This Other Eden

SMALL, WELL APPOINTED FUTURE. SEMI DETACHED.If the end of the world is nigh, then surely it's only sensible to make alternative arrangements. Certainly the Earth has its points, but what… Continue Reading Posted in: Deep Ecology, Historical Literary Fiction, Humorous Literary Fiction, Humorous Stories

Identity Crisis

In the tradition of Crisis on Infinite Earths and Kingdom Come comes a murder mystery. When Elongated Man's wife is found murdered in the Justice League of America Watchtower, a… Continue Reading Posted in: Comic Strip, Detective And Mystery Comic Books, Etc.), Strips, United States


Bruce shoots movies. Wayne and Scout shoot to kill. In a single night they find out the hard way what's real and what's not, who's the hero and who's the… Continue Reading Posted in: English, Fiction Satire, Film Noir, Satire, Suspense Fiction

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