The Flood

Flight Behavior: A Novel

Author: Maggie Gee

President Bliss is handling a tricky situation with customary brio, but after months of ceaseless rain the city is sinking under the floods. The rich are safe on high ground, but the poor are getting damper in their packed tower blocks, and the fanatical ‘Last Days’ sect is recruiting thousands.When at last the sun breaks through the clouds Lottie heads off to the opera, h….Read More

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The Song Of Names

Two boys are growing up in wartime London. Martin is an only child, imprisoned in swottish loneliness. Then Dovidl enters his home, a refugee violinist from Warsaw. 'I am genius,… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, Violinists

Kingfishers Catch Fire

Sophie Barrington Ward, without a husband, with two children and very little income, is faced with making a new life for herself. Friends beg her to go back to the… Continue Reading Posted in: Manners And Customs, Social Life And Customs, Women

Patrick Parker’s Progress

Patrick Parker, golden child of bomb-devastated Coventry, adored and encouraged by his mother, fulfils his dream destiny to be a bridge builder as great as Brunel. Audrey Wapshott, born at… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Bridges Design And Construction, Fiction

Blue Afternoon

Los Angeles 1936. Kay Fischer, a young, ambitious architect, is shadowed by Salvador Carriscant, an enigmatic stranger claiming to be her father. Within weeks of their first meeting, Kay will… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Lawyers & Criminals Humor, Literary Satire Fiction, Man Woman Relationships

A Friend of the Earth

If, as we are frequently cautioned, ecological collapse is imminent, the future might someday resemble T.C. Boyle's vision of Southern California, circa 2025: strafing wind, extortionate heat, vast species extinction,… Continue Reading Posted in: Extinct Animals, Fiction, Satire, Science Fiction Short Stories, Social Aspects

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